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Enemy X - Endless Circle

Third single off Endless Circle. Sing along!

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Enemy X - Last Dance

Second single off Endless Circle.

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Enemy X - High

First single off Endless Circle featuring Jake "Toxsick" Crooks.

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Enemy X - Dust

The third single from the self titled album.

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Enemy X - Fall Into Pieces

The second single from the self titled album.

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Enemy X - Crawl

First single off the self titled album.

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Vocals – Steve Thaemert
Guitar – Chris Miller
Guitar - Chris Lynch
Bass – Jerry Birr
Drums – Mike Kimes


Enemy X is a five-piece rock/metal band based in Southern Minnesota, USA. Members include: Steve Thaemert (Vocals), Chris Miller and Chris Lynch (Guitars), Jerry Birr (Bass), and Mike Kimes (Drums).

Enemy X was formed in 2014 when three former members of Enemy Mind (Chris Miller, Chris Lynch, and Jerry Birr) decided to try a new project with a more melodic direction. After a few line up changes, Mike Kimes was selected as the permanent drummer.

In 2014 Enemy X released The Ends of the Earth with Jon Mullaly on lead vocals. Mullaly's vocals gave the album a unique vibe which reflected his European influences, and is still available for streaming on Spotify. Mullaly eventually decided to leave band in 2017.

In 2017 Enemy X began working with Steve Thaemert on vocals. Thaemert's raw and raspy vocals greatly accentuates the sound of the music, and has allowed them to branch out to even more genres.

Early in 2018 Enemy X released their self titled album Enemy X. Videos were also released for 3 singles from the album "Crawl", "Fall Into Pieces", and "Dust" and can be viewed on YouTube.

In June 2019 Enemy X released their latest album "Endless Circle". So far 3 videos have been created for release in 2019 for the songs "Endless Circle, "High", and "Last Dance". They are excited to continue playing live shows and getting the new music out to the fans.


A complete list of festivals and concerts to be held soon! You can buy the latest concert tickets here!

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Coming Soon! CD Release Show TBA


For booking contact Chris Miller

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